Christina Maddalone, the new youth pastor/assistant pastor at Evangelical UMC in Clarksboro, had her first taste of Delanco Camp at Camp Meeting last week and wrote about her experience on her blog. A Chicago native, Christina recently returned from a stint in Uganda.

This is what she had to say about her time at Camp Meeting:

Well, after hearing about Delanco camp for many years from many different people, I finally experienced a bit that it has to offer. During Camp Meeting last week I had the chance to meet many key people, hang out with some fun teenagers, and meet a lot of the people I’ve heard about for so long. What a blessing to have the opportunity to build new relationships. It was also a good refreshing time for me personally. Everything has been so hectic since the day I decided to move to the East coast and it was nice to have so much quiet time.

On top of the new relationships and quiet time, I played a LOT of volleyball. Apparently it’s tradition at Delanco camp meeting to play volleyball each afternoon. It was so nice to play again… after playing so much in Uganda it felt like being home almost. The fact that it was about 100 degress everyday helped it feel more like my African home. It was such a good time!

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