Delanco Camp is run by the Delanco Camp Meeting Association, a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

The association has one part-time, year-round staff member and an all-volunteer board of directors. It is an independent, inter-denominational organization that receives no direct funding from any one church body or denomination.

Board members are elected at the Annual Members Meeting the third Saturday of every October at 1 p.m. Those wishing to become a member (formerly known as stockholders) can fill out an application. The deadline for applying is Sept. 1.

Member Application

New board members are invited to attend the November meeting each year, but are not able to vote until they officially begin their term in January.

Executive Committee
Mike Bill, president
Jeff Brower, vice president
Eric Ulrich, treasurer
Andrea Buzby, secretary

Board of Directors
Patti Burns
Karen Corliss
Chris Gossard
Eric Ulrich
Scott Rambo
Jeff Brower
Linda Dugan
Nina Crain
Dave Evans
Colleen McCullough
Mike Bill
Jeff Brower
Kristen Raine
Brian Saunders
Carlton Bodine III

Committee Chairs
Julie Ulrich, nominations
Mike Bill, program
Mark Buzby, Active Network
Eric Ulrich, finance & personnel


Volunteer Staff
Diana Wolf, registrar
Chrissy Mazzatelli, financial secretary