Delanco Camp is available for your next retreat or event! We’re close to it all, about 30 minutes away from major shopping venues in South Jersey and far from it all, tucked away in the beautiful New Jersey Pine Barrens. Our retreat center, kitchen, and dorms are large enough to accommodate groups and events of different sizes while our camp provides you a chance to separate yourself from the chaos of the world and remain in solitude with God. Our facility also includes a Challenge Course that’s great for team-building exercises, a Pavilion for picnics, a campground, and a Tabernacle that’s perfect for worship services and concerts.

Click here to see availability on our calendar. *Note: Just because a date seems available, doesn’t necessarily mean that a group isn’t already in the process of renting. Please call our office at 609-859-2262 or email us at for any inquiries.

Retreat Center 

The Retreat Center is our main building for groups renting the camp. It has multiple dormitory style rooms (Downstairs- 1 large and 1 small room & Upstairs- 2 rooms). The Retreat Center, as a whole, houses 52 people. Both floors have bathrooms with 3 showers, 3 toilets, and sinks for your use. The Retreat Center has a main meeting room and fully functioning kitchen attached. The kitchen is equipped with pots and pans, silverware, and many dishes. You are welcome to use them, but we ask you to clean and return whatever you use. We do not have a dishwasher in this kitchen. The Retreat Center is heated and can be used all year round. 

Boys Dorm 

Our Boys Dorm is located out by the sand soccer field and next to the Tabernacle. This building is called the “Boys Dorm” only because it is used during the summer camps as the primary dormitory for our boy campers. This dorm can only be used for one gender as it has three large dormitory rooms all connected by a large bathroom. The Boys Dorm can hold approximately 48 people. This building is not heated and therefore can only be used during the warmer months. 


Our Motel is the large white “L” shaped building located in the center of camp. The Motel comes with 15 small rooms each with their own bathrooms and showers. The rooms contain various-sized beds and bunks. A bedding arrangement can be sent upon request. No linens are provided. At the center of the motel is the Lounge, which is perfect for a meeting room. Above the Lounge are two larger bedrooms, each with their own full-sized bathrooms. The Motel is not heated and can only be used during the warmer months. 

Brown and Burrell Cabins 

Located behind the Warchol House and next to the volleyball court, these cabins each contain 3 four-person bedrooms, each with a personal bathroom and shower. Each cabin also has a small counselor room with its own bathroom and shower. Both cabins have screened-in porches as well. These cabins are not heated and therefore can only be used during the warmer months. 

Camping Area 

Delanco’s Camping Area consists of 12 camping sites complete with electricity and water hookups free of charge. (Water is only available during the fall and spring). The Camping Area is open from Sept 1 – Nov 15 & April 15 – June 15. There is a newly refurbished bathhouse available with two sides for men and women including 3 shower stalls and 2 toilets on each side. Facing the Pavilion is a laundry room equipped with a washer and dryer. The Pavilion includes picnic tables under a roof that are perfect for a barbeque rain or shine. It is recommended you bring your own grill and supplies. The camping area also has a fire ring next to the Pavilion.

Dining Hall 

Our Dining Hall is located on the West end of camp across from the stream. The Dining Hall has a fully functional kitchen with two gas stoves, a convection oven, a large walk-in refrigerator, a commercial dishwasher, and much more. Coming equipped with all the dishes, cookware, and utensils you and your group could ever need, this kitchen is perfect for larger groups. The large room can be used for meals and also for meetings within your group. Feel free to arrange the tables and chairs any way needed. In this room, in the large cabinet in between the kitchen doors, is a small sound system that we welcome you to use during your stay. Instructions are located in the cabinet, and we ask that only adults operate the sound system. The Dining Hall is not currently heated and therefore can only be used during the warmer months. 


Our Tabernacle is the perfect place for a meeting space or worship services for your group. We ask that all groups show respect when using our Tabernacle and only use it for meetings or worship services. There is a sound system and projector that can be used for a fee upon request. Instructions are posted in the back of the Tabernacle at the sound system. All sound equipment is located in the left closet (while looking at the stage). We ask that adults supervise all use of the sound system and equipment in our Tabernacle and respect our property. Please also replace all equipment where you found it. 

Bonfire Guidelines 

If requested, wood will be provided for a bonfire at our fire pit located next to the lake by the bridge and next to the Pavilion. Benches can be arranged to fit your group’s needs. We simply ask that adults supervise the fire at all times. If more wood is needed during your stay please contact our Camp caretaker.

Lake Agape 

Rental Groups are also welcome to use the swimming area of Lake Agape and the camp’s boats. However, Delanco Camp requires a certified lifeguard to be on duty at all times and “Adult Supervision” is not acceptable. Delanco Camp can arrange lifeguard(s) for a fee upon request. Lifeguards must have First Aid, CPR, Lifeguard, and Waterfront certifications. Ice-skating on the lake is prohibited at all times. 

Rental Costs


All rentals are required to make a $250 deposit upon signing your rental contract/agreement.

Lodging Prices

  • All rentals will have a $500 guaranteed minimum payment regardless of number of guests.
  • For rentals primarily consisting of adults and families, children under 11 years old are free.
  • Lodging for rentals is $25 per person per night to stay in the Retreat Center and use of the Tabernacle.
  • If your group needs additional space as determined by the Camp Director, there is no charge. The following spaces can be rented along with the $25-per-person-per-night rate of the Retreat Center:
    • Motel: an additional $10/person/night along with Retreat Center = $35/person/night
    • Boys Dorm: $50/night along with Retreat Center 
    • Cottages: $50/night/cabin along with Retreat Center
    • Camping Area: $25 per Camper/RV per night or $5 per person per night for tent camping (This is the fee for using Camping Area only)
    • Dining Hall: $50/day for use of Kitchen along with Retreat Center 
    • Extra Meeting Spaces: The Lounge & Dining Hall (not Kitchen) are available at $10/each for entire stay 


Rental groups are given access only to the Retreat Center and Tabernacle. The Retreat Center comes with access to a TV with streaming capability, but we do not supply an account for watching shows and movies. Please ensure you use your own account on the TV. The Tabernacle has a sound system and a projector that can be used for a fee upon request. Delanco Camp offers a variety of amenities to enhance your experience:

  • Bonfire: $25 each (you may not bring your own wood) 
  • Hayride: $50 each 
  • Lake Access: Boating and swimming, pricing upon request. 
  • Challenge Course: Pricing upon request. 


  • All registrations that go through the registrar are not confirmed dates until contract and deposit are received and acknowledged. 
  • All deposits are due with contract within 30 days of receiving registrar confirmation of requested dates and contract being sent (If a date is requested and available with less than 30 days remaining, then the deposit is due immediately). 
  • All retreats may be booked up to one year in advance. 
  • All retreats work on a first come first served basis. No dates held because of prior use. 
  • If more than one group/individual wants to use different facilities on the same date, it will be approved by each group if possible (example: Group 1 uses Challenge Course while Group 2 is on a retreat). 
  • All payments must be addressed and mailed to
    • Delanco Camp
    • 191 Powell Place Road
    • Tabernacle, NJ 08088
  • Payments must be made within 15 days of the completion of your event. 
  • Any special requests or amenities (hayride, bonfire, lake access, etc) must be clearly stated when registering (spot available on form). 


  • If cancellation becomes necessary, notices must be given to the Administrative Assistant by the First Cancellation Date (noted on Contract), you will receive your Security Deposit minus $25.
  • If cancellation notice is given by the Second Cancellation Date, you will forfeit your Security Deposit but are not responsible for the guaranteed minimum payment.
  • If cancellation notice is given by the Third Cancellation Date, you are responsible for the $500 guaranteed minimum payment.

What You Can Expect Upon Arrival 

You should find all buildings requested for your rental clean and ready for your use. You are welcome to arrange the tables, chairs, and other furniture however best suits the needs of your group. Please ask the Camp Director before moving any furniture between buildings. If anything is not as it should be upon your arrival or throughout the weekend, please make a note of it and let our Camp Director know sometime during the weekend.

All equipment needed/requested should be in working order. Again, please make our Camp Director aware of anything that is nor working properly as soon as possible. 

What We Expect Upon Your Departure 

All buildings used by your group during your stay should be cleaned properly. Cleaning instructions will be provided within camp facilities. If it is necessary to clean up after your group, a cleaning fee may be charged to your group. You may also forfeit your security deposit if cleanup is extensive. 

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Please contact us if you would like more information or have any questions!