The first ever Delanco Camp Blog Olympics have ended.

Thank you to everyone who participated and made this event such a success.

We had 20 online scavenger hunt athletes competing and I think it’s safe to say that all of them know a little more about Delanco Camp, this blog and our friends than they did when we first started on this journey.

While it’s not as hard I’m sure to say goodbye as it was for Carlton Bodine III to leave the actual Winter Olympics in Whistler, it’s definitely been fun.

We actually ended with a tie at the top of both the team and individual competitions. One consistency between the two was Christy Schnyer, whose Audubon UMC Youth Group team finished tied with Eastern University, and tied with Mike Ralph (Realville, Mantua UMC) in individual points. She, Dan Ulrich (Sicklerville UMC, Eastern University) and Mike Ralph each tied for nine medals as well.

With that said, we’re going to crown Christy Schnyer as the DC Blog 2010 Olympic champ.

Good work, Christy! Christy will get a gift card to her favorite place to shop online, purchased through Goodshop of course. Dan and Mike will also get prizes for their stellar performances and everyone who participated gets a round of applause for a job well done. You guys rule!

15 thoughts on “Delanco Camp Olympics

  1. I demand a recount! Maybe we can pull Dave Brown out of Delanco retirement to hold another round of the hanging chad game to determine the real winner. Seriously, congratulations Christy and the Audubon youth on your victory. You were a tough opponent.

    Mike Ralph – Realville/Mantua UMC

    1. If you want a recount, you can send a check of $100 to Delanco Camp Meeting Association asking for a recount and we'll make sure to fudge to votes, err, I mean recount them. 😀

  2. we should definately have a rematch… for the summer olympics of 2012!
    thank you!


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