Yep, totally knee-d that guy in the head. His name's Chris, he's my roommate for the week.
Last night, our game was Sleepers. The idea of the game was this, about twelve people were sent out onto the Camp grounds, six were to pretend to be asleep and six were to pretend to be awake. When the bell rang, the groups would switch. Every time a group found a staff member, they were supposed to take us back to the Dining Hall. Sometimes that meant carrying, other times, that meant walking them back, wrestling to the ground or chasing after them, depending on their point value.

Today, we played Duck Duck Wham for an abbreviated time before the storms rolled in. We were able to play through the rain a little bit, which made it a little bit harder, before the rain really picked up and we were forced to scamper inside. Campers found ways to pass the time until the storms let up, some slept, some played games, some talked.

Now, you’re probably wondering what the heck a dingle dangle is. That’s a valid question. A dingle dangle, as told by one of our campers who is trying out for the Coast Guard, is the rope that goes around athletic shorts to help them fit better. Apparently, if you’re going through Coast Guard training and your dingle dangle is hanging out, you have to hike up your pants as far as possible, loop the dingle dangle around your neck and complete the rest of the day like that. Interesting… It’s also a military term and naturally sounds frightening when you say it.

Ricky spoke about the Samaritan Woman at the well, using John 4:4 as a reference. He challenged us with the thought that we too often felt like Jesus should fit into nice little lines, similar to a Sunday School coloring book. Jesus didn’t do things normally. If you think about it, He traveled through Samaria, which was frowned upon by Jewish leaders at the time, He spit in a blind man’s eyes to make him see, Jesus didn’t fit into pretty little. Finally, Ricky challenged us to live outside the lines and not to fit inside the society’s standards all the time.

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  1. Chris Winters. If perchance you are reading this, you were my favorite roommate and I miss you buddy.

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