We received word earlier this evening of a devastating fire that happened last week at a fellow Christian Camp and Conference Association camp in Pennsylvania (about 30 miles northwest of Allentown). The fire completely destroyed the camp’s main building (think our Retreat Center times three).

This is what CCCA section president Phil Herschberger wrote in an e-mail:

The biggest thing they need right now is lots of prayer she said. Pray for wisdom in decision making on a new facility. Pray for officials that they would speedily grant approvals for permits. Pray for creative ideas on how they can keep hosting some of the smaller groups and keep incoming coming in. They are working to get a mobile kitchen and feed people in the gym. Finances are of course a big concern too.

And this from the camp’s website:

Many have heard about the fire that destroyed our main building and we are all saddened, but at the same time we are rejoicing and praising our wonderful God. We are so encouraged by the outpouring of love, prayer, and support from all of you!! We are moving forward and have a temporary office set up and groups are still coming in and are very excited to be here! Our Bookstore is fine and open daily for business. We will have a kitchen set up within a week and our cafeteria will be housed in the Gym. We are believing God to have our new building in full operation ASAP! God is in control!

What a powerful testimony that even with something as tragic as a fire that our brothers and sisters in ministry are rejoicing and proclaiming the name of Jesus.

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  1. and that’s the beauty of camps much like this one, it’s not the buildings, it’s not the gadgets, it’s not the money, it’s the people, who come in with the love for those that attend, that make camps special.

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