The Rev. Gary Turk, one of our camp’s longest serving board members and a former president, is retiring from the pulpit after 36 years serving his church in Clarksboro so the local paper wrote an article about him in a recent issue.

The article, written by Jeff Wolfe, focused on Rev. Turk’s tenure at Evangelical United Methodist Church in Clarksboro, but also gave room for him to talk about another ministry that is near and dear to his heart and ours.

Here’s the segment from the article where he talks about Delanco Camp:

While the camp is located in Tabernacle in Burlington County, it’s a place where hundreds of East Greenwich youth have spent valuable time.

“Delanco has always been an important part of our lives,” said Gary Turk, who served on the camp’s board of directors for over 30 years and was the camp president for six years. “The spiritual aspect of it from when we went there for camp meeting every year has always been a renewing time.”

“It has had a major impact on our own children and a major impact on the large majority of youth in our church,” Linda Turk said.

That’s what I call the power of camp. Click here to read the rest of the article.

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