Name: Becky Wrentzel
Nickname: I guess Becky is my nickname.
Hometown: Williamstown
Occupation: First Grade Teacher
Home Church: Sicklerville United Methodist
Education: Graduated from Eastern University
Family: Husband – Justin, Cat – Punkin
Years Attending Delanco Camp: This will be my 25th.
Years as Dean: This will be my 3rd.
Fondest Camp Memory: There are so many great memories to pick from! Some of my fondest memories are from my years on permanent staff. Singing and laughing with the kitchen staff while working ranks pretty high.
Favorite snack from the store: Snickers
Favorite camp meal: Baked Ziti
Favorite camp activity: Evening Service and Night Games
Favorite camp night game: The Lost game that we played at Middler Camp last year
Elevator Testimony: I grew up going to church, attending Delanco Camp. I accepted Christ at a young age but saw Him through the eyes of others and was spoon-fed everything I knew. At the beginning of high school, events in my life caused me to really look at who God was in my life. It was at that point that He became more than just a Sunday routine. I realized that I needed to have a strong relationship with Him. I have been learning and growing ever since.

How did you first discover Delanco Camp? My family moved to Delanco Camp when I was 6 months old. We lived in what is now the Warchol house and my dad was the caretaker.

What is a dean and what made you want to be a dean? A dean is one of the people that takes the lead on the programing for a week of camp. This person gathers ideas from many sources, makes plans, gets staff together, etc. I always thought that it would be cool to be a dean and get to pick the theme and come up with things to make that theme work. When I was younger I wanted to be the dean so that I could sit up on the stage during meals….it’s not as fun as it looks:)

What’s the theme for your week and why? Our theme is “Secret Ingredient.” Kung Fu Panda plays a big part in our theme.

Po the Panda was completely wrong for the job of Dragon Warrior! OR maybe he was EXACTLY who was supposed to do that job even though he didn’t feel like he was god enough. You’ll have to tune in to Middler Camp to find out more.

Why should people come to camp the week you are in charge? People should come because it’s going to be AWESOME!

What surprises do you have in store? Would they be surprises if I told you? We have a lot of fun things planned throughout the week but Wednesday will be extra special!

What are you most looking forward to this summer? I’m looking forward to an awesome week of Middler Camp!

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