Name: Linda Dugan
Nicknames: Lin, Linder, Linny
Hometown: Barnegat
Occupation: Stay at home Mom
Home Church: Lord of Lords Bible Community Church in Waretown
Education: Southern Regional High School
Family: My husband Rich and I have been married for 22 years. We have two boys, Richie who is 19 and attends Lancaster Bible College and Danny who is 14 and attends Brackman Middle School.
Years Attending Delanco Camp: 33 years
Years as Dean: 2
Fondest Camp Memory: There are a ton…I could fill these pages over and over and over. Sitting here thinking about which one to put down in writting is just too hard but has made my heart full and I am so thankful to have a place called Delanco Camp where you can get away from the world and spend time with God. The friends I have made there are lifetime friendships that I wouldn’t change for anything. I am also thankful my children have fallen in love with this place we call Delanco Camp!
Favorite snack from the store: Cold Reese’s Pieces
Favorite Camp Meal: Pepperoni Pretzel Sandwich
Favorite camp Activity: Simply put….Singing! In the Tabernacle, in the dining hall, in my room, at the craft shop, on the porch of the motel….etc. etc. etc. (just wish I could carry a tune though)
Favorite camp night game: The “old” Door Game
Elevator Testimony: I was 12 years old on a very hot August night, on the old wooden benches in the Tabernacle. Gilbert Stillwagon was delivering the message and I just remember feeling Gods calling on my heart. I went up to the altar and asked Jesus to come into my heart and I have never been the same.

How did you first discover Delanco Camp? My cousin asked me if I would like to go with her. My parents said yes so I gave it a try. My counselor was Laurie Rambo and the dean was Rev. Carlton Bodine Jr. Needless to say I had a great time, I haven’t missed a summer since!

What is a dean and what made you want to be a dean? The dean is the person who puts the week together and selects the staff members who will be there and picks the theme for the week. I am very excited about what God is doing at Delanco and to be co-deaning with CJ Caufield who I attended camp with as a child. I am humbled and honored to share Jesus with the young people of Jr. Camp.

What’s the theme for your week and why? Dare to be Daniel is our theme. CJ came up with the idea and I loved it. Our theme verse is Daniel 6:26 He is a living God and He will rule forever. His Kingdom will never be destroyed and His power will never come to and end!

Why should people come to camp the week you are in charge? CJ and I have done a lot of planning and have lots of fun in store for the campers. Our staff is filled with people who love God and are ready to share that with the kids.

What are you most looking forward to this summer? Knowing that God is going to meet us in a special way at Jr. Camp. He always does! I am also looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones too. Young people are so open to what God has for them that why I love being at Jr. Camp.

What surprises do you have in store? Well we have a few surprises up our sleeves you’ll have to come and find out what we are talking about. Lets just say I double dog DARE you to come and find out!

4 thoughts on “Meet the Deans: Linda Dugan

  1. Good luck and best wishes with camp this week Linda! I am very jealous that you are still there and that your kids are a great part of camp and church. I miss Delanco very much and hold all of my memories dear to my heart. One of these summer’s I’m gonna make it back to NJ and be a staff member for ya. Rock on Dean Linda! Love and miss you! Enjoy! 🙂

  2. Reese’s Pieces are good; cold Reese’s Pieces on a hot day at camp are like manna from heaven.

  3. hey linda it’s gabby I am so mad I wont be attending camp but it’s okay make sure gi stays out of troble love and miss you gabby p.s abut the cold resses pieces they are super good !!!!!!!

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