Camp Meeting this year for me was way different than past years. This year I spent the week in a motel room instead of camping out in a tent. Even though I love camping [except when it rains] I enjoyed being with my son Mike, daughter-in-law Faith and granddaughter Ella. It was fun watching Ella play musical beds with her parents!

Most of all I enjoyed the morning Bible studies with Dr. Tom McCall and Rob Lewis. I learned so much from their heads full of knowledge on atheism and stories about families in the Bible whom we hear so little about. The fellowship with other Christians was so uplifting.

Watching the City Team children’s eyes light up at meals or at the gazebo was so amazing. It was a relaxing, laid back week but one of such blessing for me to be with my family. Sitting on the bridge having my devotions and praying to start the day praising God for what He has done and is going to do through the Holy Ground of Delanco Camp– Praise God! You need to be here next year!!

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