Here we go! Our first category is the best wipeout! Here are the best of the best of the wipeout photos we found across the Internet. Cast your vote for which one should reign supreme over all the others. Each voting period will last for two days. You can only vote once per day.


Picture One: Kristian and Mike spin right ’round on the slip ‘n slide at teen camp.


Picture Two: Kelly stumbles on the tarp before reaching the soapy part.


Picture 3 - Our intern was in the perfect place to get this picture, and possibliy this tacklePicture Three: Someone was in the perfect place for this picture but the wrong place to be tackled.


Wipeout 4 - Most people avoid the tackle. She's enjoying it.Picture Four: Most people avoid the tackle. She seems to be enjoying it.


Wipeout 5 Picture Five: Flying like an eagle into a world of hurt.


Wipeout 6Picture Six: Eagle One, I’m coming in for landing. Over.


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