For the next two weeks, we will be posting photos from the 2013 camp season (Spring Retreat to Fall Retreat) to determine which photo will reign king over the others based on your voting. The photos are based on our picks and your submissions. If you have any that you would like to submit for any category, you can send them to The categories are:

Best Photo – pictures that represent the atmosphere at Delanco Camp

Best Wildlife Photo – pictures that showcase the diverse wildlife of Delanco

Best Dorm Photo – pictures that showcase the personality of you and your dorm

Best Activity Photo – pictures that represent the fun and ridiculous nature of our planned rec. and night games

Best Pretzel Roll Photo – pictures that showcase Delanco’s favorite meal (or the foil that wraps it)

Best Wipeout Photo – pictures that represent the hilarity (and/or the pain) of people being tackled, belly flopping, wiping out, etc…

Best Staff Member Photo – pictures that caught the staff members doing something ridiculous

Starting on Wednesday, we will begin voting on our first category: Best Wipeout. Send in your pictures and check back soon!

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