Delanco Camp is run by people just like you… busy people with families, hectic lives, demanding jobs and church responsibilities. Delanco Camp is run by volunteers. Most of what happens at Delanco Camp happens because one of those busy people makes a commitment to serve Jesus through the ministry of Delanco, usually because God impacted their life in some way at Delanco.

Delanco is in the business of proclaiming the saving and sanctifying power of Jesus Christ, and equipping believers to share that Gospel and to serve Jesus in their homes, their communities, their local churches and the world. It is a ministry that touches hundreds of lives each year with the power of the Gospel, a ministry that has eternal impact, not only for those who walk on the grounds and experience God there, but also for those whose lives are touched because of what God is doing through Delanco.

You can be a part of touching the world with the Gospel through the ministry of the camp. There are things that even the busiest person can do to be a part of that ministry.

You can:
Pray – the regular and consistent prayers of God’s people for Delanco are the foundation of the ministry. Please make Delanco a part of your regular prayer life so that every facet of our work is covered with prayer.

Tell others about Delanco Camp. In order to be in ministry we need campers. A friend bringing a friend to camp or telling them about what God has done for them at Delanco is the most effective way of bringing others to camp to experience God in the unique setting that is Delanco.

Give a financial gift with just a few mouse clicks at Your consistent giving to the work of Delanco Camp, whether it’s $5 a month or $5000, makes it possible for the ministry of the camp to operate throughout the year, and to improve programming, facilities and staffing.

Sponsor a camper for a week of camp – Delanco regularly hosts campers who are not able, for various reasons, to afford a week at camp. Your gift, enabling someone to be at Delanco for a week, could make a difference in how that person spends eternity.

Volunteer. Volunteers are needed for everything that makes Delanco operate. Volunteers are needed for:

-specific repairs to the facility building, electrical, plumbing, etc.)
-work days or projects
-specific administrative tasks like managing the mailing list
-serving a week on volunteer staff
-serving on committees
-cleaning dorms and grounds
-landscaping and maintenance of grounds
-opening and closing camp
-serving as a director
-being a stockholder

If it needs to be done, we need a volunteer to do it. If you would like to volunteer at Delanco, please contact Laurie Rambo at

As we all work together, praying, giving and serving, the ministry of Delanco Camp will continue and make an impact on the lives of the campers who come next summer and for years to come.

-Laurie Rambo, camp president

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