10 Things I Learned at Camp This Summer

It’s finally September, so the summer has officially drawn to a close! One thing I’ve realized is that whether or not you’re a camp veteran or came for the first time this season, you can always learn something new coming to Delanco Camp. Here are 10 things that I learned this summer interning at camp!

1. One of the best planned recreation games on a hot day at camp is Watermelon football. Basically, you cover a watermelon in Crisco, split up into two teams, and play football in the shallow end of the lake. 45

2. It’s always a mess when you give campers a can of shaving cream.


3. Little kids will always find a way to catch frogs. Always.


4. Chipwiches will always be a snack shop favorite. This summer, we sold over 1,000 chipwiches alone.


5. Pirates and Bible Smugglers are the camper favorite night game. I can’t tell you how many times campers asked me when they would be played during the week.

346.  Sometimes, even a simple game can be the most fun. Like a giant pit in the soccer field filled with water.


7. Always wear your life jacket when boating in Lake Agape, because you never know what might happen!


8. One of the best things about camp is the friendships that are made. Specifically, the relationships that happen with your dorm.


9. It’s amazing to see how people can work together to accomplish a common goal. Like making 500 PB&J sandwiches for the homeless, or helping someone up the Wall at the Ropes Course.


10. Sometimes, it’s important to put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a little perspective.


The coolest thing about camp for me is that as much as things are changing on the grounds, there are some things that will always be the same. Lives have been changing on the grounds of Lake Agape for fifty years now, and will continue to change years to come.

Missing camp already? Don’t forget that Fall Retreat is October 9th-11th for Junior and Senior High students! Registration is open now! 

50 Years at Lake Agape: Wompus


Today marks day 49 of our 50-day countdown to the start of Camp Meeting and the celebration of 50 years at Lake Agape.

It’s hard to talk about Lake Agape without talking about the lake’s most famous resident, Wompus. Ask any of the young campers about Wompus and they’ll talk your ear off, but who is Wompus and where did this camp legend come from?

The short story is that Wompus is the name given to the large snapper turtles that occupy Lake Agape.

As best as I’ve been able to gather, the name originated with a guy named Joe Barrett and Michael Smith in the early ’90s. He and Michael Smith spent a lot of time out at camp with their church – Dobbins United Methodist Church in Delanco – and Joe took to calling one large turtle Wompus.

“I was probably 14 or 15 at the time and Mike was 11 or so,” Joe told me in an email he sent me back in 2008. “I remember we were actually afraid to go swimming because of that turtle (in retrospect I think it was quite harmless). I remember we would sit on the gazebo and Wompus would lurk up to the front of the gazebo and stick his head up to the water’s surface and just kind of watch you (which is strange for a snapping turtle who are abnormally reclusive).”

Somehow the name stuck from there and his popularity grew enough that we started producing Wompus t-shirts sold in the camp store. Do you have any stories or memories of Wompus at camp? Let us know in the comments. Want to contribute to our 50 Years of Lake Agape series? Email blog@delanco.org.

Join us at camp for the Lake Agape 50th Anniversary Dinner on Saturday, June 6, at 5 p.m. Click here for more info.

2014 Summer Survey


Our summer camp season came to an end over the weekend and as sad as that is we are already looking forward to the fall retreat in October and the start of planning for next year.

To help us plan for next year, we would love it if you could take a moment to fill out our 2014 Summer Survey if you attended the camp as a camper, staff member, sent a child to camp or visited any of our evening worship services.

You can fill out the survey below.

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