PS ’10 Profile: Em, kitchen staff

Name-Emily. My initials are e.m.t. like emergency medical technician! And the first two letters of my first name are my first two initials, and my first and last initials are e.t.!
Age-19 (my birthday is April 23rd!)
Years on Permanent Staff-1 so far, so after this summer it will be 1 and a half!
Years attending Delanco Camp-well my parents came to camp so…you do the math
School/College/Grad School/Seminary-Delsea, Gloucester County, and some Christian college very soon!
Home Church-Friendship Methodist in monroeville but I have been going to Sharptown often these days.
Occupation-camp 😉
Nickname-Em, most people don’t even realize it’s not my whole name ;p
Favorite Food/s-Anything that is edible…I dislike liver though…but that’s not really edible so…
Favorite Band/s-I would say tenth ave.
Favorite Movie/s-remember the titans, holes, toy story, you know those old disney movies rock
Favorite Sports team/s-I roll with the Philly 4
Favorite Cereal-nadda
Favorite Candy-not a candy fan
Actor you’d like to play you in a movie-no one could be like me ;p I’m too crazy
Favorite Bible Verse-I prefer to not pick favorites when it comes to the living word of God!
Favorite thing about camp-People, food, motel rooms, crooked toilet, the many horses, wompus,chipwiches,Jesus
Elevator testimony (a version of your testimony that could be told in an elevator) I am a pathetic loser…but not in God’s eyes
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PS ’10 Profile: Rich, roamer

Name: Rich
Age: 18
Years on Permanent Staff: This will be my second
Years attending Delanco Camp: My first time out there, I was 2 weeks old
Hometown: Barnegat, NJ
School/College/Grad School/Seminary: Attending Lancaster Bible College starting August 26
Home Church: Lord of Lords Bible Community Church
Occupation: Delanco Camp Roamer
Nickname: Rich
Favorite Food/s: Buffalo wings! with bleu cheese
Favorite Band/s: I enjoy pretty much all mainstream Christian bands…as for everything else: Michael Buble, John Mayor, Jack Johnson, Train
Favorite Movie/s: The Patriot, Toy Story 3
Favorite Sports team/s: New York G-men and the Philadelphia Phillies..I know it’s kinda weird, but the story makes sense.
Favorite Cereal: Fruity Pebbles, hands down
Favorite Candy: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
Actor you’d like to play you in a movie: Sandra Bullock…even though she’s a girl, I’m pretty sure this would give me a good chance to meet her which would be awesome since she’s so pretty. Otherwise, she would be a terrible pick.
Favorite Bible Verse: 1 Timothy 4:12
Favorite thing about camp: Just about everything.
Elevator testimony (a version of your testimony that could be told in an elevator): I grew up in a Christian home, I have loved Jesus all of my life, but my relationship with him is like this very elevator…a lot of ups and downs due to that sin nature that I cannot get rid of. I’m looking forward to serving Him via Youth Min and other channels in my life!
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PS ’10 Profile: Rachel, kitchen

Name: Rachel
Age: 17
Years on Permanent Staff: this is the first
Years attending Delanco Camp: 7
Hometown: Mickleton, NJ
School:Kingsway Regional High School, Elizabethtown College in the fall
Home Church: Bethesda United Methodist Church
Occupation: future occupation? elementary special education teacher
Nickname: sadly no nickname
Favorite Food/s: anything involving potatoes
Favorite Band/s:Taylor Swift, Tenth Avenue North, John Mayer, Switchfoot,
Favorite Movie/s: Up, The Notebook, Remember the Titans
Favorite Sports team/s: Phillies
Favorite Cereal: Special K fruit and yogurt
Favorite Candy:Reese’s cups!!
Actor you’d like to play you in a movie: Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Favorite Bible Verse: Galations 2:20
Favorite thing about camp: the friendships you make with christians who support you for the rest of your life
Elevator testimony (a version of your testimony that could be told in an elevator): On a retreat with my youth group, a group of 15 students including myself prayed for salvation together. after realizing that this life had nothing to offer without the love of our Heavenly Father. At the time, I had significantly lost my way so that experience completely changed my life.
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