CJ Caufield, our caretaker/coordinator, was seriously injured (head and back) when he fell on a patch of ice in late December. Please keep CJ, his wife Carrie and his family in your prayers.

Donation Information
Donations for the Caufield family and costs related to his absence at camp must be made payable to Delanco Camp Meeting. Please include an attached note designating your donation. In order for your donation to be tax deductible it may not note anywhere on the check itself that it is for the Caufields or the CJ fund. Please send your donation to Delanco Camp P.O. Box 597 Sicklerville NJ 08081.

To all those who may want to send CJ words of encouragement or a get well card while he is in rehab in Atlanta:

CJ Caufield
c/o Shepherd Center
2020 Peachtree Rd. ,NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30309-1465
bottom left corner of envelope: ABI-238

You can also e-mail CJ get well wishes to the Shepherd Center and they print them out and deliver them to him by clicking HERE.

Latest update:

Update XXIII (Feb. 11)

CJ’s recovery is going really well. He has his trach out and the casts are off. Check out the new picture Linda Dugan sent us. Praise God for how he’s healing CJ’s body. Keep praying for him as he goes through rehab at the Shepherd Center. Word has it it’s incredibly intense.

Update XXII (Feb. 3)

CJ has casts on both feet from his toes to his knees to stretch his muscles and ligaments. His feeding tube was removed yesterday and he has progressed to a regular diet. Hopefully the trach will be off in another week. He has long days of therapy but is doing amazingly well for what he has been through. Please keep the prayers coming. If you have a free minute send a word of encouragement via e-mail or a card in the mail (see info above).

Update XXI (Jan. 26)

CJ, Carrie and his mom Emma arrived in Atlanta today to begin his rehab.

The doctor reported this morning that he is doing above average and thinks he is going to soar.

Thank you all for your prayers and we ask that they continue. We will update you periodically and send out an address soon in case you want to send him a note of encouragement. This will mean a lot to him.

Praising God for what he has done, and will continue to do!

Update XX (Jan. 25 7:26 p.m.)

CJ will be flying to Atlanta tomorrow with his wife, Carrie, and his mom, Emma. Please pray for safe travels and a speedy recovery as he goes through rehab.

Update XIX (Jan. 22 3:28 p.m.)

Today he is fighting a fever of 102.5 and elevated heart rate.

Please pray for them both to reach a normal range.

CJ is also getting ready to leave for Atlanta, Georgia sometime next week. Pray for safe travel for him, Carrie and his mother, Emma.

We are keeping in mind how faithful our God really is!

Update XVIII (Jan. 18 11:57 p.m.)

He’s doing a lot better!

He was lifting his head, following us with his eyes, moving his arms, squeezing hands, winking, pointing and kissing his loved ones.

I know this stuff might sound simple but these are big steps. It is only a matter of time before he is back on his feet.

He still has a bit of a journey left but anything is possible with our Lord!

Update XVII (Jan. 11 6:17 p.m.)

CJ is officially 100 percent off the ventilator!!!! Although he still has the trach in him, this is fantastic news.

And yet again, our God fulfills his promise! All the glory to him!

Update XVI (Jan. 10 2:53 p.m.)

He is responding!!

He puckered up and kissed Carrie, he squeezes our hand when asked and he is smiling at old stories.

Praise God!

Update XV (Jan. 9 12:25 a.m.)

He is starting the wake-up process! But he is extremely agitated and uncomfortable.

He is taking 6 out of 16 breaths on his own. Continue to pray that his lungs will clear and that he becomes more comfortable.

God is good!!!

Update XIV (Jan. 6 8:52 p.m.)

They finished putting the feeding tube in today.

He is still pretty sedated but resting very comfortably.

Keep praying as we wait!

Update XIII (Jan. 5 10:22 p.m.)

CJ is out of surgery and everything went ok. They will be putting a feeding tube in his stomach tomorrow.

Please continue to pray!

Update XII (Jan. 4 8:16 p.m.)

No change in chest X-ray today. The infection is now in both lungs. Drs. are going to take him to the OR tomorrow and put a trach in and also putting a filter in just in case he develops a blood clot in his legs. This will prevent them from shooting to his heart of lungs. Temperature is still fluctuating up and down. Dr. feels there is slow progress going on. Praising God for all He will do. We know he has His hands in this. Keep praying as we serve an amazing God!

Update XI (Jan. 2 2:26 p.m.)

There has been an acute change since yesterday. CJ is having a bronchoscopy this afternoon. This is a scope that will be put down into his lungs to get all the junk out.

Update X (Jan. 1 9:47 p.m.)

CJ’s blood oxygen level is the best its been in days…that is great news! Thank you God! His temp is 100.3 right now. He is showing slight improvement. Lungs still inflamed and have fluid. Keep the prayers coming and thank you everyone for all of your prayers already. Our God is at work!

Update IX (Dec. 29 6:09 p.m.)

He currently has a 103.5 fever. They’re putting cooling blankets on him to try and cool him down. Please pray, and even though it’s hard sometimes, have faith.

Update VIII (Dec. 29 4:43 p.m.)

CJ’s lungs are inflamed & have infection. They have shot antibotics into them today. Family is not allowed to talk to him or touch him right now. Drs don’t want anything to agitate him. They even have the lights in the room out & have to be quiet.

Keep on believing in the power our Lord has. A miracle could happen at any time.

Thanks for your continued prayers, and keep them coming!

Update VII (Dec. 27 Evening)

CJ’s left lower lung has collapsed but the doctors do see a very slight improvement today.

We’ll take the small blessings as we await the big ones to come! God is good!

Keep sending up those prayers

Update VI (Dec. 27 Afternoon)

CJ has good improvement in his lungs, so that is great news.

Still has low grade fever and is fully dependent on ventilator but showing a little bit of improvement.

Keep praying it up!!!! He’s hearing ya!

Update V (Dec. 26)

CJ had a pic line put in today.

But he also now has a fever and fluid in his lungs.

Keep having faith and keep the prayers coming!

Update IV (Dec. 25 Evening)

The bleeding has totally stopped but he still has several bruises resulting in swelling which is putting pressure on his brain.

The doctors also discovered today that he fractured his skull but it has shifted back into place which is a very good thing.

He will not come off the ventilator for at least 5-7 more days.

Keep the prayers coming!! Hope everyone had a merry Christmas.

Update III (Dec. 25 Morning)

Cat scan this morning showed NO new bleeding, which is great.

However there was some bruising which is causing his actions. Will probably keep him sedated for two more days and then possibly off the ventilator.

Thanks again for all the prayers! Keep them up!

Update II (Dec. 24 Evening)

CJ is currently still in ICU at Jersey Shore Medical, Trauma Center. He is in a induced coma and on a ventilator.

As for his head, the news it still the same with bleeding on the brain.

They also just confirmed that he has broken his lower back.

Your prayer is still needed! More updates will be coming out as news comes in. We thank you for your caring thoughts and of course for your prayers!

Romans 8:28

Update I (Dec. 24 Morning)

CJ is currently still in ICU at Jersey Shore Medical, Trauma Center. He is in a induced coma and on a ventilator. As for his head, the news it still the same with bleeding on the brain. They also just confirmed that he has broken his lower back. Please continue your prayers for CJ!

58 thoughts on “Pray for CJ Caufield

  1. I’m so glad to see that C.J. is doing better. I know Carrie must be relieved. Thank God for answered prayers!

    Allen & diane Roark
    Brandon, MS

  2. Amazing updates! Heavenly Father, in Jesus’name we continue to PRAISE You and continue to pray Your will and Word over CJ and Family and all those involved. We PRAISE YOU for the HEALING! and continue to look to You! We ask that You continue to get the glory and acknowledgement that You are our God who has Supernaturally HEALED CJ! Thank You that You are a God WHO IS ABLE and Thank You that You are a God who KNOWS ALL, IS our HOPE, is our HELP and is LOVE!
    Romans 8:24-8:27 “For in this hope we were saved. But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what he already has? But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.
    In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints in accordance with God’s will.”
    Continued blessings to all, Pastors John and Tracie

  3. CJ, Carrie,
    How are you guys? What about the trip to Atlanta? Please call me or email contact info!!!
    Love you, praying constantly.

  4. C. J., Carrie and all,

    Please know there are so many of us praying for you and trusting in the Lord for your recovery. Prayers also for your trip to Atlanta. Know our prayers and through them, God goes with you.


  5. Our prayers are with you and Carrie as the healing process continues.

    Allen & Diane Roark
    Brandon, MS

  6. Hey Ceej,
    You just left on Tuesday to go to Atlanta and I am having serious CJ withdraw! I miss seeing you and spending time with you. Work hard so you can get back here with us where you belong. You are in my prayers constantly. A piece of my heart is there with you. I love you, Linda

  7. Wow! Moved to rehab already! Praise the Lord!
    (Pastor Tracie has worked in trauma care as a Social Worker prior to being a pastor and is especially excited to hear Cj has moved to rehab already! Excellent progress!! If there are any ?s or ways she can help, be sure to know we’d welcome a visit,call or email anytime. I don’t know if anyone has a way to talk to Cj or family with this info but when we go to do hopital visits, we encourage family to or we bring Christian Praise and Worship music by portable radio or player for the person to have on, many times we have it playing 24/7 very quietly. Patients have said it makes a huge difference!)

    Lk 9:6 So they set out and went from village to village, preaching the gospel and healing people everywhere.
    Pr 16:24 Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones

    “Heavenly Father, in Jesus’ name we come to You with PRAISE and JOY on our lips for Your MARVELOUS LOVE and Power! We continue to lift Cj & family and physicians to You Lord and ask for Your will to be fullfilled each day. We pray for CJ’s entire body to feel Your LOVE, TOUCH, HEALING,PRESENCE and PEACE. Thank You for sending Your ANGELS TO ATTEND TO him just like You did for Jesus when He came out from the desert after 40 days and 40 nights.”

    Ac 3:16 By faith in the name of Jesus, this man whom you see and know was made strong. It is Jesus’ name and the faith that comes through him that has given this complete healing to him, as you can all see.

    Continued Blessings to all in Jesus’ name Amen”

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