Congratulations on picture number five from the Best Wipeout category! Click here to view the winner and runners up.

We’re back with the next category of our picture contest!  This category will contain pictures from night games, planned recreation and other game-based activities.


Night Game 1  Picture One: The set of Hollywood Squares made its way to Delanco Camp during Junior High I.

Night Game 2Picture Two: Big Cheryl, Julio and Shawn subject themselves to whatever creations the teen campers could conjure up with leftovers from the kitchen.

Night Game 3 Picture Three: A mud fight breaks out during some mud games at teen camp.

Night Game 4Picture Four: Campers take a leap of faith at the Trust Fall.

Night Game 5Picture Five: With the lights turned off and glow sticks cracked, a party begins.

Night Game 6Picture Six: The classic camp bonfire warms the campers and staff.


Night Game 7Picture Seven: I’m not sure what activity involves Frisbees and soccer balls but it looks epic, much like this catch.

Night Game 8

Picture Eight: In the midst of the mudslinging, Kelly shows off the guns with Lisa and Mackenzie.

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