Another video that [luckily] missed the cracks during the editing process of Middler Camp 2009 is the infamous Chipwich protest. The chipwich was not sold during a planned period of 2-days and campers were told to wait.

Well the Dean of Men, Dave Hallahan, and a Male Counselor, Michael Fredericks took the streets into proclaiming their love for vanilla ice-cream smashed between 2 chocolate chip cookies. Technically, the protest ended when Dean Doug Pettit took water balloons and a slingshot out but unfortunately, that was not on camera.

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  1. Ice cream protests at camp? I love it. Reminds me of my younger years as a charter member of the Delanco Left…

  2. That’s going back many years now but it was a nickname those of us who wanted to see major changes at camp gave ourselves.

    In political vernacular we were the opposition party, hence the name Delanco Left. It was really just a joke that grew out of some postings on the Delanco forum.

  3. I say we revive it. We can easily make a branch out of and make it or something. I am the webmaster…

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