Twitter user @Dilliyo captured this image of the Tenth Avenue North concert tonight in the Tabernacle. As you can see by the squished together folks in the choir loft (I wonder when the last time was that those benches were sat upon), it was a packed house. To all those people who stood outside the Tabernacle getting drenched and to those who were unable to see the show, we are truly sorry. The good news though is they’ll be here all week.

If you were there, post a comment below.

15 thoughts on “Tenth Avenue North

  1. It was truly amazing.. Many thanks to Mike Bill, CJ Caufieid and the staff who did an great job of organizing what could have been chaos. Jesus surely used the talents of Tenth Ave this evening as they lifted Him high.

  2. I agree. It was a great concert. and Mike Bill CJ and the staff did a great job keeping things running smoothly

  3. The concert was amazing!! They are very gifted, humble, and God-centered. I am so glad my daughter will be at camp this week with such godly examples!! Thank you CJ and Mike Bill for the great job you did putting everything together…even waiting in the rain was fun!!

  4. it was extra hot in the tabernacle i didnt get to get in and i saw people jumping in the windows if it didnt rain it would have been fine to stand outside but it was pouring and i had to leave i saw them two years ago when i was a camper much love to the band

  5. great concert!! can’t wait to get back up there on wednesday! nice job filling in by mike conner! could barely tell mike d was sick. nice to see he was feeling better. will keep him and everyone else in prayer all week.

  6. Matt,
    Wish I was there for tenth avenue north, we hear them all the time on the radio down here in Virginia…so jealous!! Thanks for popping over to my blog, appreciate it!! LOVE Delanco and all that it did for me and meant to me!!! Say hello to Nina for me!
    I must add this blog to my must reads!

  7. Great job by all staff members (even if I am a little bias…daughter on permanent staff 🙂 )! Shame people left…rain stopped and it was much cooler outside than in. 10th Avenue North put on a great show. Will be back for evening sevice this week, besides Briana needs her wash that she left home.

  8. dear tenth avenue north,

    it is 6.47 in the morning. i have only had five hours of sleep because i went to your free concert last night but i don’t care; your ministry to us last night was amazing. it was really disgusting and sweaty in there, and your shirts weren’t the same color after a while but thank you so much for what you’re doing. i practically cried when mike started talking about hosea. i also almost laughed because i was just telling my teens at day camp the same exact thing. i wish i had thought to put it in as funny a manner!

    i just have one question: what exactly is the difference between living for God and living because of God?

    and about your compassion children, i have a worldVision child and though his name is not as sexy as manuel alejandro gonzalez, haha, his name is abou (like the monkey in aladdin). it is a blessing to give to someone who can just never pay you back. i almost feel like i owe abou more because he can’t pay me back.

    anyway, thanks again. my youth group and i really enjoyed your ministry/performance last night. have a great rest of the year.

    Justine Triunfo (Deu. 29.29)

  9. Tenth Avenue North was uhmazing. last night was my first time hearing them and i loved them very much. they so much reminded me of the fray. (: i hope they come back very soon. because i would love to see them.

  10. unfortunately i was not able to go last night but i had a two hour phone call with a friend who was there and did get to hear most of the concert. tenth avenue north is amazinggg and i cant wait to go visit this week

  11. Love the concert. Was so blessed to have been there. Can’t thank you enough for your hositality. It’s hard to believe you could have such a positive experiance while ringing water out of everywhere!

  12. Tenth Ave North is my favorite band, hands down. I love how God has blessed them and used them so much in the last few years. For my life as well as many other people I know they are a huge inspiration. They are so gifted & talented at singing, preaching, and being able to get the good news out. They penetrate to the core of peoples hearts with Gods love, and help us to experience Gods joy thru their songs, music, and preaching. Its a rare trait to see in a band in today’s world. It was well worth the drive, getting there early, and then being packed in the “hot house tabernacle” along with the pouring rain outside. I’d do it again any day, it was worth every moment be at the concert, and my friends said the same thing!

  13. Love the lyrics in the pictures… many came to the waters! It was an incredible start to an incredible week! Christ’s hand was evident everywhere you looked!

  14. Also for those of you that remember Mom and Pop Bodine, this was one of their dreams. To see the tabernacle packed inside and out with youth worshiping. It was great to see that dream finally come true

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