By Sarah Herman

As the summer slowly comes to a close, there was the second and last, week of teen camp. Its theme was “Living on Purpose” meaning we, as Christians, should stand out among the world, be rebels for Christ, and truly live with a purpose of serving Christ. The deans were Steve Tucker, Julio Nieves, and Jen Nieves (though still Tucker to me). They did an amazing job with the week and put together an incredible staff.

The speaker was Jamie Damm and like I said, spoke on “Living on Purpose”. One night was all about being rebels for Christ. He played us a song called Rebel by Lacrae; which was all about how if everyones doing the things of the world, it’s no longer rebellious to sin! If you wanna be a rebel, go out and live for Christ, cause no one’s doing that. Jamie also spoke about how we need to live out our faith at home, and some practical ways to stand out.

The games for the week consisted of the familiar; amazon men, musical boys, pirates, duck duck wham, wawa man, and then some other games like; an army based game, the ever-so-fun toothpick game (haha-ask someone that went about that game), and many many more.

Overall the week was a total success (in my opinion at least). It was great to hang out with friends, play fun games, and overall grow in God and learn amazing things about Him.

If you didn’t get a chance to come out to Teen camp this summer, come to one of the Retreats! The first one is taking place in October, and it will also be a great time.

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