For the past couple of years, the game “gaga” has taken Delanco Camp by storm and become one of the most popular activities for both campers and staff during free-time.

Gaga is basically a version of dodgeball played in an octogonal shape. Campers must only hit the ball once and try to get those around them out by hitting their opponents below the knee with the ball.

Last weekend, Delanco Camp held a work retreat where over 60 volunteers came together to help prep the grounds for the start of the 2015 season. One of the groups in attendance was the youth group from First United Methodist Church in Millville. The project that they tackled was creating a sturdier “gaga pit” in the center of camp for all to enjoy.

This weekend, the inaugural game was played at Spring Retreat, where most of the campers (and a few staff) spent a part of their free-time. ¬†Today’s game was the first of many that will be played this upcoming summer season.

The new gaga-pit is the first of many new additions coming to Delanco Camp this summer.