The party last night was awesome! We had silly hats, lots of dancing (it was spontaneous, deal with it.), and loads of fun. I never did get to play Giant Scrabble against Samantha Cox (for those who don’t know, which should be everyone, Sam and I have been playing Scrabble on Facebook for quite some time now. We played 16 games, I won 2.) So, I was hoping that I’d reclaim at least some pride with this, but alas. Maybe next time.

Anywho, some people got shake n’ baked, including our missionary for the week who was introduced to the ways of Delanco Camp this week. Welcome, Keturah, to the community we all love called Delanco Camp.

Today, we made a music video to some rap song that I’ve never heard of. Haha.

Tonight was testimony night during service. We played a few songs and then left some time open for everyone, who wanted to, to come up and speak what’s been happening in their lives. For the sake of privacy, I won’t be detailing what was spoken about.

Thanks for letting your kids join us this week, they’ve been a blast!

Have a good night,

One thought on “The Verdict on the Biggest Party Ever and Making a Music Video

  1. Just to clarify… The "shake and baking" that Kevin referred to was not a part of our programming for the "Biggest Party Ever" at Junior High II.

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