Today, during free time, we had intermittent showers which forced us to go inside and think of other ways to entertain ourselves during the one hour shower of power (I mainly wrote that for the triple rhyme score). Some chose to play chess, some chose to learn how to play chess, some broke the majority of rules that come with chess, some talked, some played ping pong, but the majority watched a movie in the Tabernacle. Apparently, because of legal reasons, we can’t say the movie’s name, so take that major movie making production companies!

Chris spoke about God’s righteousness in his sermon tonight and somehow related it to the glorious taste of Toaster Strudels (Ed. note – Chris’ sermon title was the Undeniably Insufficient Glory of Toaster Strudels). I’m not really sure how because I spent the whole service time blowing up balloons (because that’s what interns do) for the Biggest Party Ever in Delanco Camp’s history!!!!

We will be playing oversized Scrabble, giant volleyball, giant pinata, giant four square, just to name a few of the activities. It should be fun and I’ll let you know tomorrow just how much fun it really was.


One thought on “Rain showers and the biggest party ever!

  1. You do a great job wtih these posts Kevin – thanks for keeping us parents informed about what our kids are up to while away at camp!

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