For our Team Time today (triple alliteration score, woo!), our teams had to construct rafts made of cardboard, packing tape, an inflatable raft and a little bit of ingenuity. They also had to relate it to their designated team name (the penguins, goldfish, lobsters, frogs, seahorses, and ducks). The only limitations that was placed on the team was that they for the ‘little bit of ingenuity’ part, they had to use only things that everyone had access to.

The Penguins (not the ones from Pittsburgh…go Flyers!) used some of the safety buoys in our boat house, soccer posts from our store and the aforementioned cardboard, inflatable raft, and packing tape to make their boat. The Goldfish cut up some cardboard to make their raft look like a fish and used a stick covered in packing tape as a paddle. The Lobsters took a route similar to the Goldfish except they used a PVC pipe for their paddle. The Frogs taped empty soda bottles on the bottom of their raft in hopes that it would keep them afloat. The Seahorses made a bed-like fortress on top of their raft. Finally, the Ducks made a toboggan-like flotation device.

None of these were approved by the government agency that regulates these things. Alas, better luck next year. Haha.

The Goldfish took an early lead in the race and were the first team to reach the dock, which served as our halfway point but, on the home stretch, the Seahorses closed the gap quickly. In the final few feet, the Goldfish and Seahorses were neck and neck. The Goldfish technically crossed the finish line first but were disqualified because the captain ran the boat in the final few feet of the water, giving the Seahorses the win in this event. Co-captain of the Goldfish, Becky Wrentzel (Jones) said with a smirk on her face, after the race, “That was cheap.” Better luck next year, Becky. Your team, although dispirited at times, rode the emotional and fiery spirit of your rower, Hailey, to a close second place finish.

Chris spoke about how popularity affects you as a Christian. He started with a game where he split the room into two teams and called for two volunteers. He gave them cards that read dumber or less dumb. They were given a scenario about two celebrities who had done something stupid, like Tom Cruise buying a line of bomb-proof cars or Johnny Depp installing an electric chair in his house. He talked about how too much power can go to your head. It even happened to King David a few times with Bathsheba. The moral of his story was that it’s never about us because we’re not really capable of anything. It’s all about God.


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