The Relaxed Nature of Camp

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I titled this post that because camp is one of the few places where life doesn’t seem to creep up on me, and I assume I’m not alone. It’s one of the few places where I can sneak away for a little while, get my head back on my shoulders and attack life head on, again. Today was one of those days. A day to relax, a day to take a deep breath, refocus and continue fighting the daily battles.

With that said, today was a relatively easy day here at camp. We took the swim test, we took our pictures, and the campers got them already. (so if you don’t see them when you pick up your kids, don’t look at me. My job is complete. 🙂 ) We played giant soccer and regular soccer on the soccer field/sand pit.

Shane spoke tonight about Abraham, how he followed God faithfully and how we are called to do the same. Abraham dropped everything, his family, his friends, his homeland and went to a foreign land to follow God’s calling and once he got there, he had to wait 25 years for God to fulfill his promises. Something we can all use a little more of, patience, including yours truly.

Tonight, we’re playing Fugitives. Essentially, it’s a boys versus girls manhunt. The guys are acting as fugitives, who escaped from an overturned prison bus. They’re bound at the feet by some cloth and have to hide from the girls. As extra incentive, tomorrow, if the girls find a pair of guys and bring them back to the dining hall, they get to be served breakfast by the guys that they caught. If guys go through the whole night without getting caught, they are served breakfast by the girls who failed to bring back some guys. That’s the unofficial plan as of now. We’ll see how it goes.


Tucker Camp Begins!

Hahahahaha! Sorry Natalie.

One of the most awesome weeks of the summer begins tonight! Tucker Camp has been a staple in the summer season for the past six years. With creative ideas as to how to run their camp and a solid staff willing to help, campers have always appreciated Tucker Camp. Some of their past themes have been “Authentic Life,” “A different way to be,” “Ignite,” “I am…” and “Living on Purpose.” This year’s theme is “More and More.” If their past camps are any example of how fun this week should be, we’re going to be in for a fun, epic week.

Our speaker, Shane Smith, will be joining us tomorrow night to begin his sermon. He likes to try to learn everyone’s names by the end of the week. He usually speaks for Junior High III, which typically draws in about 100+ campers each week. So, I expect that 75 or so campers will not be a problem for him, at least in theory.

We had some mingle games tonight, Tucker Camp style, including some fan favorites, Women Wrestling over Men (essentially musical chairs with men as the chairs), Amazon Women (the men lie in the middle of the floor, link arms, legs, other appendages, if there are any and the women try and pull us apart), Streets and Alleys and some other fun games.

Thanks for letting your kids join us this week! It’s one we’re all looking forward to!


Fanatic Video

If there was a song of the week for Junior High II this year, it would probably be Lecrae’s “Fanatic” since a few of the girls got the whole camp singing it by the end of the week. After hearing Hailey singing the song in my class on Thursday morning I couldn’t get it out of my head and by Thursday night at the Biggest Party Ever at Delanco Camp I knew we had to shoot a music video of it when Hailey, McKenzie and Chrissy jumped up on a picnic table and started rocking out when the song was played. It was a little tricky putting it all together, but Hailey, McKenzie and Chrissy pulled it off. Great work, girls. Whoever said Christian rap is irrelevant certainly hasn’t heard Lecrae or experienced the beauty of an entire summer camp rocking out to an incredible song with an awesome beat and a killer message.