If there was a song of the week for Junior High II this year, it would probably be Lecrae’s “Fanatic” since a few of the girls got the whole camp singing it by the end of the week. After hearing Hailey singing the song in my class on Thursday morning I couldn’t get it out of my head and by Thursday night at the Biggest Party Ever at Delanco Camp I knew we had to shoot a music video of it when Hailey, McKenzie and Chrissy jumped up on a picnic table and started rocking out when the song was played. It was a little tricky putting it all together, but Hailey, McKenzie and Chrissy pulled it off. Great work, girls. Whoever said Christian rap is irrelevant certainly hasn’t heard Lecrae or experienced the beauty of an entire summer camp rocking out to an incredible song with an awesome beat and a killer message.

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  1. Thanks Hailey, McKenzie, and Chrissy for introducing all of us to this catchy rap that most of us cannot get out of our heads, including my little daughter who wants to “rep Christ till we D-I-E!”

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