8 thoughts on “Discussion: Daylight Savings

  1. I spent my time recuperating from driving 1,500 miles in three days for our youth group’s trip to visit Asbury University and Liberty University. It was a blessing.

  2. I slept for 11 total hrs after driving 600 miles to Ashland KY. I strongly recommend doing a long road trip on the Saturday before you turn the clocks back an hour. Works out well!

  3. Between the two of you, that’s 2,100 miles of traveling. Nice.

    For the record, I was not recovering from a long road trip, but I did use the extra hour of sleep to stay up late catching up on our favorite TV shows on Hulu.

  4. Now that I have my own family, I am looking to start my own new family traditions. For most families, traditions center around traditional holidays, but I am more interested in establishing traditions that center around non-traditional holidays or some that aren’t really holidays at all, like Day Light Savings. As a kid, I always loved that special time of the year when everyone, except those weirdos in Indiana, moved their clocks back an hour. I was hoping to celebrate this moment by having a late night breakfast with my family, but by the time that I got back from traveling to Kentucky, my wife and daughter were stuffed and had no interest in joining me. Although my wife was not interested in eating, she graciously fixed me an omelet, fried potatoes and toast as I slowly savored my delicious meal alone.

  5. It looks like I’m the only one commenting here who didn’t go to Kentucky. Anyone else not go to Kentucky this weekend?

    1. I think it counts as someone who didn’t travel to Kentucky this weekend. What did you do with your extra hour, KWolf?

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