For the past five years, I’ve been privileged to serve for a week at this incredible camp. In the past, I’ve been responsible for the crafts of the week and facilitating a small group each evening. This year, I stepped into a teaching support role and due to a change in the structure of small groups, I was able to teach at a different small group each evening.

Every camper has their own God story about Delanco Camp and the transforming work that He has done through/in them there. I am not exempt from that honor! From year one, God has been doing a work in me. As I look back over my time there, I can see how God has been and continues to weave His handiwork throughout my experience there and personally in my every day life!


This is the path that I walked every day while at camp, several times a day, from the camping area to the general camp area. It’s a quiet time of reflection and preparation. In the mornings as I came out on the other end of this path, I was greeted with a very quiet camp, as the campers found places to sit and soak in God’s word with their morning devos. This is something I’ve enjoyed every year! So peaceful and beautiful…a gift, to be sure.


Congregational Worship….what more can I say….a glimpse of Heaven!!

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