August was a huge month for us in terms of searches. The 2,132 searches for the month marked the first time we cracked the 2,000 mark and the most ever in one month since we started in 2009.

Since we didn’t bring in any revenue for GoodShopping or GoodDining, our total for the month was $21.32. This brings our total for 2012 to $235.32.

Go to Goodsearch and start searching today to help provide opportunities for young people to go to camp. You can also sign up for an account and track your earnings on Goodsearch and GoodShop and GoodDining.

Goal for September: surpass 1,500 searches again and add GoodDiners. Good Dining is really simple. All you do is create an account and add your credit card and when you use that card at participating restaurants the camp automatically gets a donation.

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