All of our great campers and staff who assisted in this project

I thought it would be helpful to add some web credibility to the great organization that our Junior campers helped today. Just in case you haven’t seen the stats yet, our campers line-produced over 6,000 meals for hungry people, many of whom only receive one meal a day.

As you can see in the photos, within each food package are a combination of ingredients including soy, mixed dehydrated vegaetables (carrots, onions, green peppers), a healthy serving of rice and a packet of vitamins. According to the organization’s website, including the vitamin packet there are 21 essential vitamins and minerals into each meal.

Each meal costs only 25 cents and it easily storable and has a five year long shelf life. From what I understand, there wasn’t quite enough money in the budget this year to fully fund a great mission like this so staff and campers are paying from their pockets to help fully fund this mission. It’s true that every cent really counts and the kids are helping out by

laying their spare change in the bucket beside the snack hut. We are almost to our goal of raising all the money to help feed all the 6,000 people that we made our meals for today. I ask you to pray that sta

The Rice and Vegetables used in each packetff and campers continue to be generous with their money as they have been with their time and resources.

For more information about Stop Hunger Now you can visit their official site at

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