Summer Staff Song

Sarah Herman is all about Delanco Camp. Sarah has helped serve at three camps this summer: Junior Camp, Junior High 1 and Middler Camp in the position of counselor. Besides being a kicking counselor she is also multi-talented and last week composed, wrote and then recorded a song about camp all within two hours. The song is about her appreciation and acknowledgement of the paid summer staff of 2012. I think you’ll find that the chorus is catchy and you’ll be singing it under your breath all night. A two minute slideshow of the staff members mentioned in the song follows the performance.

*Thank you to Sarah Herman and Miles Jesuncosky for their patience and hard work with editing and music recording!

1,000th Post

This picture is the Middler campers of 2012 spelling out with their bodies an 1000. Why?

Today marks the 1,000th blog post in the history of Delanco Camp. This is something to be celebrated; it means that information about Delanco Camp is getting spread as we continue to put out pictures, videos and written pieces. It means that more parents and campers can see what is going on at Delanco Camp and that the mission of the camp can be spread. It means that more teens and kids have the chance to learn about the grace of God and see how he works in people’s lives through our staff examples and lessons.

1,000 also marks a thousand memories. I could have put up a thousand pictures of campers smiling through ut the years. Or a thousand testimonies about people who were changed. Or memories from a thousand staffers who have given their time because they believe in the work being done. I even could have done a thousand things that I individually have learned and seen during my five weeks here.

This is probably the final time I will say this, but this was my first summer here, my first any-time here and I truly now know how beautiful and life changing being here can be. God had been trying and working to break down my hard heart for years but it wasn’t until I was in the place to listen to him and be ready to be moved that anything radical could be done. Here I was able to open my ears, just for a second, and feel calmness wash over me. God is moving in this place in a thousand ways. I was just one of the people to experience it.

So if Delanco Camp was the place where you were changed or is just a place where you made fond memories and friends please spread the word about what we do here. There are a bunch of hard-working people who want to see the mission here at camp spread and spread until we have so many campers that the staff has to sleep in tents. Also please feel free to contact the administrators of the blog (, Facebook or Twitter with memories or other things you want to share about your summer. See ya all next summer!