If you asked me who my favorite female artist was, hands down, I would tell you Audrey Assad. Her voice is a gift from God and it is so beautiful, and she is also musically talented as well.

For some us from camp who knew her back when she sang with Tenth Avenue North on stage, when no one knew her and Tenth Avenue North wasn’t well known either, we have been listening since her “Firefly – EP” given in a handmade brown paper bag around 2008. She came out with her first full album with Sparrow Records called The House You’re Building in the summer of 2010 to put her wonderful voice out for the rest of the world to hear and know. She made even a bigger splash last year – literally one year from Sunday, February 10 – with her second album Heart. Another masterpiece from top to bottom. One of my favorites is “Lament,” and it turns out to be one of Audrey’s favorites too. Lament means a passionate expression of grief or sorrow.

This is what she had to say about the song in an interview on

“It starts out by saying, ‘I’m Mary and I’m Martha all at the same time.’ I sit at the feet of God like Mary did. She was being like a disciple of a rabbi. Martha was serving and bustling around and making sure things were arranged. I feel like I am those two things, like I can’t usually find a way to be one or the other. I feel like I’m always both.

It’s like a mild source of frustration, because I have a hard time disconnected from the things that have to be done in service of God or in service of other people in order to just take time to be silent and still just focused on just being with God the way that married people are supposed to do, too. Like sometimes you’ve got to take a break from the job of being married and just be in the sacrament together for a minute and be with each other, and I feel like that’s something I struggle with. So I talk about that in ‘Lament.'”

CD70713: Heart, CDHeart, CD
By Audrey Assad

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