Song of the Week: Disciple’s ‘Someday’


Hey Music Monday followers (however many of you there actually are)! Today’s choice is “Someday” by Disciple from their latest album called O God Save Us All released in November 2012. It talks about the pain we go through or the bad days, weeks, months we have, but someday love will be the only thing that remains in the end. I encourage you to look up the lyrics while you listen to the song to see and hear that someday we will rise above it all, thanks to our Creator of heaven and earth.

CD45459: O God Save Us AllO God Save Us All
By Disciple

Song of the Week: David Crowder Band’s ‘Let Me Feel You Shine’


I’m convinced there isn’t one non-uplighting/non-meaningful David Crowder Band song. Every time my wondrous finger decides to listen to David Crowder Band on my iPhone or my Mac, I’m always happy or in a better mood than I originally was.

Today’s song choice is from their last new music full album together before heading separate ways, and again, it is probably my favorite song on the album (like most of my choices so I apologize for that, hahaha). “If I could feel You shine your perpetual light, then maybe I could crawl out of this tonight. If I could feel You shine, oh let me feel You shine, so beautiful and warm, so beautiful and bright. Like a sun comin’ out of a rainy sky, oh let me feel You shine, God I need a Savior, O come Generous King, O God I need a Savior, To come rescue me.”

CD78987: Give Us Rest (A Requiem Mass in C [The Happiest of All Keys])

Give Us Rest (A Requiem Mass in C [The Happiest of All Keys])
By David Crowder Band


Song of the Week: Andy Mineo’s ‘You Will’


If you like (or love – like I do) Lecrae or Trip Lee, then chances are you have heard of Andy Mineo before. Andy is apart of the 116 clique, which is a specific group of Christian rappers, who take their name after Romans 1:16 and being unashamed of Gospel. Even though the 116 clique exist, they primarily do their own music and albums as solo artists, but are also featured on each other’s albums a lot. The 116 clique includes Lecrae, Trip Lee, Tedashii, Andy Mineo (formerly known as C-Lite), KB, Sho Baraka, and Derek Minor (formerly known as Pro). Andy Mineo’s newest album Heroes for Sale dropped in mid-April of this year and it is fantastic!

I almost wrote an entire album review instead of just one song because all the songs are really great, jammin’, rappin’, deep, lyrically, and musically written songs. “You Will” is one of my many favorites from this album, but it has a simple message. The chorus is “Y-O-U, owe me nothing, no nothing. I know You will, even when they say You won’t, I know You will! I know You will, even when they say You can’t, I know You will!”

I have questioned God many times, but I don’t doubt Him. I know He will provide, I know He will be there in my highs and lows, I know He will [insert your own words]. He loves you and He will and that in itself is a very important fact.

CD29996: Heroes for Sale Heroes for Sale
  by Andy Mineo