As we shift our focus from a summer where God was at work through the programs and staff we look to the off season of camp where God is at work through volunteers who are integral to the maintenance and improvement of the camp. All the things done in the off season provide the background for God to continue working through the summer ministry of the camp.

Could you provide contact information for volunteers and potential volunteers? This should include phone numbers and e-mail addresses, as well as area(s) of specialty, availability (weekends only weekdays etc.). They can be volunteers and/or businesses who have shared an interest in providing goods or services to the camp.You can volunteer yourself too! CJ Caufield will be coordinating our volunteers and volunteer projects as part of his work of camp coordinator. Please send any info you can share to cjcaufield@delanco.org.

By sharing information or volunteering, you can be a part of the vital ministry God has at Delanco… aplace where people’s lives are touched by the saving and sanctifying power of God and changed for all eternity. Would you take a few minutes to share in that by providing contact information?

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