Name: Scott Lederer
Hometown: Erial, N.J.
Years attending camp: Eight
Positions you’ve held at camp: Camper, Counselor, Teacher, Dean of Men, Dean
Occupation: Marketing
Favorite camp meal: Pepperoni Pretzel Sandwiches
Favorite camp snack: Dirt
Elevator testimony:
Two friends of mine came knocking at my door and asked me to come out to their Young Life meeting. I begrudgingly went and was convinced to come along with them for a week-long trip to a camp in Georgia. I couldn’t afford the trip, but a friend of mine raised half the money for me. I went, heard a week of life-changing messages, and the rest is history.

How did you first hear about Delanco Camp and why did you start coming?
Shortly after I started to attend Sicklerville UMC’s youth group in 2002, Dan Ulrich told me about Delanco Camp and asked me if I wanted to go to Camp Meeting with him in the upcoming summer. I went and have been back every year ever since.

Why is Delanco Camp important to you?
Many of the friends I have made at Delanco have similar stories of how Delanco changed their lives and how many of them made their decision to follow Christ at the altar in the Tabernacle. That decision didn’t take place at Delanco for me, but I’ve grown as a person in God every single time I’ve been out there and I’ve had an invaluable opportunity to reach other people’s lives while I serve there. I know that God does good work there and I am humbled to be a part of it.

What do you see is the value of a summer camp ministry in today’s day and age?
I am not that far removed from being the age of most of our campers. As I continue to see how children are being raised and kids are living their lives, I see camp as a wonderful alternative to the things of this world. I found myself to be lucky to have most of my closest friends be followers of Christ, but I know that not everyone has this luxury. If kids are at camp and reorienting their hearts and minds toward God they can not only avoid some of the brutal temptations they might face at home, but also become a light in a dark world when they return to their every day lives.

What is one of your fondest memories of being out at camp?
I recall a night where I was a counselor at Ralph Camp in about 2005. Let’s just say it involved some food, a resilient fan, and a blind eye by the staff to some harmless, messy fun.

What goals do you have or things would you like to see happen while you are serving on the board?
I plan to do everything I can with the gifts I have been given to support the camp and its ministry. The reason I wanted to be on the board was to become a more active member in the behind-the-scenes workings of Delanco and use my experiences at camp and in my life to help influence positive change in the future.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
It is an honor and a privilege to be on the board to serve the unfulfilled 2011 term. I will do my best to bring as many good things for the camp over the next year as I can and I am excited for this opportunity and where it may take me with supporting this ministry.

5 thoughts on “New Board Member Profile: Scott Lederer

  1. haha, i definitely remember that almost indestructible fan… R.I.P fan and countless tons of food

  2. I believe a man that will go by the name Smave Smalph was involved in this incident involving an almost indestructible fan.

  3. I remember the mess in the morning but I slept through the entire thing. I also remember not being too amused but in hindsight it’s one of those unforgettable boys’ dorm stories.

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