Name: Nina Crain
Hometown: Millville
Years attending camp: Way back when I was Nina Nuttall from Newport! (Pretty sure my first year was 1984ish? I need to double check with Katy Bodine- she wasn’t married to Bo yet!)
Positions you’ve held at camp: Camper, youth advisor for 2nd Methodist in Millville, counselor, teacher, Dean of Women, Youth Committee member and finally craft-lady with my daughter this past summer.
Occupation: Teacher
Favorite camp meal: pretzel sandwiches
Favorite camp snack: funnel cake
Elevator testimony: How many floors are we going? I had a saint for a grandmother who prayed tirelessly. Her prayers were answered through many incredible people scattered through my childhood & teen years. I went to Delanco Camp and I met Chist in a new and very real way for myself. I would need that foundation more than I could have imagined well into my 20s. Fast forward many years, I would see many of my own prayers answered. Looking back now, through Christ alone, I marvel out how incredibly different my life is. I clould never have imagined the blessings I have been given!

How did you first hear about Delanco Camp and why did you start coming?
Emmanuel Burkman was the pastor of our small Newport church- someone offered a scholarship – I could have a week off of our family farm in the middle of the summer AND some great friends were going too!

Why is Delanco Camp important to you?
Starting with my very first camp experience in Burrel Room 1, there are so many reasons this camp is important to me. Delanco has personally been a refuge from some strong storms as well as a place to just grow and bask in God’s light. I can think of no better place to meet Christ and begin a Christian journey. I also cannot think of a better place to meet friends who can share that journey. (How incredible to watch as my own children have experienced this too!) Delanco’s “Holy Ground” needs to be shared.

What do see is the value of a summer camp ministry in today’s day and age?
Our lives are so busy; filled with lots of distractions. Our youth are crazy busy and are influenced by so much of this world. I love that the same world can melt away with one week of camp. Sure friends and fun are there, but so is God like no other place! His whispers are loud and clear at Delanco. I love that the camp is committed to equip campers with the tools they will need to keep hearing Christ long after they’ve left Tabernacle Township.

What is one of your fondest memories of being out at camp?
I loved the sign that used to read “Pavement Ends”- that was where I knew camp began!

What goals do you have or things would you like to see happen while you are serving on the board?
I have a short term- just one year. As nostalgic as I am about camp, I hope we explore new ideas to keep Delanco going strong in Christ for generations to come.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Just that it is a privilege to be a small part of a place that has meant so very much to me.

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