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At Camp Meeting way back in the year 2000, I handed a couple dozen disposable (film) cameras throughout the course of the week. After camp was over I had them developed – yes that was a real thing back then – to see the results.
The pictures are great, but they don’t come close to telling the stories of one of the best Camp Meetings ever. The secret was that everyone was adding their own contribution to the fun. It was a special blessing from God to bring out a group of people who all wanted the same things: to have fun, to learn, to grow in their faith, and the be friends.
It wasn’t perfect, but it was full of many perfect moments. I remember Chuck Thornley, Matt Lutz, Steve Tucker, Justin Perry, and Greg Tate as N’Sync (choreography partially captured in one of these photos), Ramon Rivera as Ricky Martin, Jen Nieves (nee Tucker), Emily Michelman (nee Padrick), Colleen Illi (nee Gorman), Katie Loveland (nee Smith), and Cheryl Turk doing too good of a job as the Spice Girls. We had the first ever game of Escape from the Narcolepsy Clinic. The Healing Game, for me at least, was an all time classic. One of the best talent shows ever,  which included someone fencing while playing the harmonica, yes it was my friend Paul Scott, a.k.a. Chino, who at Delanco Camp Meeting, in the year 2000, ascended beyond legend status to become a legend of legends in the Delanco hall of fame.
It was a good week at camp.

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