Kristen Fogg (right) with Cheryl Turk near the dining hallKristen Fogg (right) with Cheryl Turk near the dining hall

kfogg or fogg
Years on permanent staff
Years attending Delanco Camp
High school/college/graduate school/seminary
Sterling HS/Eastern University….now teach at Stratton Elementary
Home church
Gibbsboro UMC
2nd grade teacher
Favorite foods
Chocolate chip cookies
Favorite music
Christian, Country
Favorite movies
The Recruit…or Cutting Edge BUT I’d much rather watch Grey’s or Friends.
Favorite sports teams
Favorite Delanco Camp memory
1. Inspector visit with Donna as the cook, Josh Palumbo, Brian, and I in the kitchen 2. Meg and I getting the chicken for 4th of July.
Do you have a hidden talent?
I know all the presidents in order.
Why do you want to work at camp this summer?
I’ve missed camp, the past few summers I’ve gone to Uganda for at least part and haven’t been about to work on staff. Camp is that place where you can work a hard job, but at the end of the day you are surrounded by quality people and have been serving along side of them and can feel a sweet presence over the whole place.
What are you looking forward to most this summer?
Name something unique about you that didn’t come up in your permanent staff interview.
My toes curl under.

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