Kaitlyn playing volleyball at camp last summer.
Kaitlyn playing volleyball at camp last summer.

Kait the Great
Years on permanent staff
This is my first !
Years attending Delanco Camp
This summer will be my seventh
Richwood NJ
High school/college/graduate school/seminary
Clearview Regional
Home church
Richwood UMC
Favorite foods
Tacos, hot wings, steak, chicken patty
Favorite music
I listen to pretty much everything except rap. Country’s my favorite though.
Favorite movies
Pretty in Pink, Forrest Gump, The Wedding Singer, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, all Disney movies except Aladdin, School of Rock
Favorite sports teams
Phillies, Eagles, Navy Soccer and Football
Favorite Delanco Camp memory
When Rich hid roses for me when he couldn’t be at the retreat on our three-month anniversary
Do you have a hidden talent?
Not at all.
Why do you want to work at camp this summer?
It’s tons of fun, you get to be close with God all summer, and I want to help other kids get to know God.
What are you looking forward to most this summer?
Volleyballing, growing closer with God, and being around Christians allllllll the time.

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