Camp Meeting is less three days away now. Can you feel the excitement? I can. I’m going to be spending most of the week on the grounds with my wife, who has never been to Delanco before as Mrs. Ralph.

I’m looking forward to the Sunday night reception for CJ Caufield (our new camp coordinator) and his wife Carrie, the preaching of JD, the Bible studies with JD and Darryl Duer, and the fellowship with all of those spending the week at camp or visiting in the evening. There’s also a cute kid related to me (she even kind of looks like me as a baby) with whom I’ll be getting to hang out and most of the rest of my family will be there. Family camp, indeed.

Please join us, if just for an evening service or morning Bible study. If you haven’t been to camp “in years” this is as good a week as any for you to see what God is up to at Lake Agape. See you there?

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