Last week at camp on top of the walk in fridge were tons of boxes. All shapes, sizes, brands, and colors, were up there. I was pretty skeptical as to what these were about but I figured I’d see eventually. During staff meeting we were told that the kids were going to build cardboard cities out of the boxes and it was up to them what they wanted to build, once again a bit skeptical.

Today after lunch the kids were told they could pick their groups and that once out in the pavilion they could make whatever they wanted out of the boxes. They have 3 days of planned rec time to work together and make their visions come to life. By the time I got out to the pavilion the kids were already hard at work and their creations were taking on lives. We have kids building Robby the Robot, we have a new boy’s dorm under construction, and we have quite a few groups who won’t reveal what they’re making just yet. The amount of creativity and teamwork they’ve show is awesome and I’m excited to see what everything looks like on Friday when they’re finished. Today was hot and sticky but these kids have no hesitations when it comes to getting their hands dirty.

This isn’t the only time these kids have shown awesome team skills though. At meals they all work together to get things cleaned up, when swimming someone is always willing to be a buddy and change things so everyone can have fun. These kids are always supporting one another. At free time without and hesitations they always put together fair teams and works as teams to prosper. They’re not letting anything hold them back. Last night after the game, the winners were announced and even though my team lost by shameful number they were still proud of what they’d done and what team they were. We don’t have any sore losers or grumpy teams, these kids are making everything fun.

This week we have a box in the tabernacle with a side to represent each night’s sermon. Last night was the Love Box and on the side was a pink heart and heart valentines all around it for the kids. Each valentine said the kid’s name and “God loves you” and they went up to alter to get their valentine when their dorm was called. Dan read from 1 John 4 and told the kids about how God is love. Just like waves are always crashing on the beach God will always be loving us and we can always count on him.

God’s love is overflowing from one camper and staff member to another. They’re always working together and supporting each other. They understand what it is to love unconditionally and they’re showing one another how they love them. Every camper may not have known everyone or anyone before coming to camp but that’s not stopping them from loving everyone. The way they work together at each meal and activity shows how much they love camp and the people around them. Teamwork for them isn’t work and it’s making my work even more awesome. I’ve come to realize that every week the campers are going to teach me something valuable in life, this week is definitely love. Not knowing any of them they have been more welcoming and loving than I would’ve ever imagined. Jesus said to love one another and they definitely listened.

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