The weekly staff serving at Junior Camp is *outstanding*! I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them and working along side with them. These individuals are giving up an entire week of their summer to serve the Lord and volunteer at camp. It has been incredible to watch the counselors interact with, pray with, and mentor the campers, as well as the campers response to those counseling. As I walk around taking pictures and brainstorming blog posts, I can’t help but smile every time I see how much the kids adore their counselors.


During a tug of war battle Linda Dugan, one of the program directors this week, jumped on the losing team to help them win and gave her absolute everything for the team.

The staff is constantly sacrificing themselves for the sake of serving The Lord. Their Christ-like output on everything they do has come as a great encouragement to me and also sets an example for all the campers. I cannot say how much I love watching the staff this week work and set examples for all around them.

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