Blowing bubbles through a hula hoop, putting a cereal box puzzle together, lining up soda cans with varying amounts of change from least amount of money to the most, flipping your shoe on a table and all in under a minute?! Welcome to Junior Camp morning chapel games!


So far this week, the campers have participated in various Minute to Win It games during. These games are fun to watch and create a unique challenge for the campers and staff members. One of my favorite parts about morning chapel is watching the kids play these games, cheer their friends on, and have a blast engaging in the activities. It’s been amazing to watch how these kids interact with each other and the way they make the most of each activity. Whether it is during free time and they are playing in the lake, doing crafts, or fishing, they are fully present and loving every aspect of camp. Junior campers are bringing much joy to the grounds of Delanco Camp and make it a joy to serve them this week!

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