Junior Camp has officially started!

Being new at Delanco Camp, I have never been to Junior Camp. I really have no idea what to expect, but am excited to find out what this week entails. It did not take long for me to fall in love with Junior Camp, especially as evening service began last night. I was immediately drawn to this one little girl. She was sitting a few pews in front of me and as soon as worship started, she threw her hands in the air and simply worshiped her Creator.

She did not worry about those around her or what they might be thinking and simply worshiped with her whole heart. Watching someone so young, at camp for the first time, stand and give Jesus her everything in worship and adoration without hesitation was encouraging to watch.

Junior Camp has just begun and the campers are already having an impact on my personal life. I cannot wait to see how God continues to move in the hearts of campers and staff this coming week. It’s been a great start to Junior Camp 2014 and this week promises to be filled with fond memories, fun games, worship, and learning about the Mission Impossible.