Like most 9-year-old boys who first step foot onto the hallowed grounds of Delanco Camp, I immediately began my quest for a life partner. I diligently sought out a suitable mate while self-reflecting on what kind of husband God wanted me to be. It was that easy.


Well actually, when I showed up at Delanco Camp, the first thing I remember is my Mom using my head to demonstrate for the boys in the dorm, the proper technique for washing behind the ears. And then it was on! I was eating bugs, talking to trees, and running around barefoot so that I could have black feet for the next four months. It was during one of those adventure filled days that I met Melissa for the very first time. She was captivated by my charm, mesmerized by my wit, and repulsed by my looks. It wasn’t God’s time yet.

Year after year, we continued to be involved in the summer ministry program at Delanco Camp, but when we were fourteen, I saw Melissa at Delanco for the last time. Or so I thought. Thanks be to God, we were on a journey together, but from miles apart.

God used two separate roads to lead us on a 20-year journey, which brought us together- two people, transformed by God’s grace.

After reconnecting on Facebook after a 20-year severance, we decided to meet face-to-face at the Tenth Avenue North Concert at Delanco.

Nine months later, I decided to plan a romantic date at our favorite place. We went on a canoe ride, a quad ride (thanks to CJ and Carrie), and had a romantic dinner on the gazebo by the lake. After a delicious meal, I got down on my knee and proposed to the love of my life. After she said, “Let me check my schedule.” We were christened by a fireworks display over the water. It was an amazing night.

We never knew what God had in store from us way back in 1983, but we knew whom we belonged to. And God continues to prove faithful as we prepare for “Little Wally” in just a couple of months. Praise God.

7 thoughts on “A Love Story, 20 Years In the Making

    1. That would be awesome! Either way though, he’s always going to be known as Little Wally, even if he ends up being 6-foot-5 and 250 pounds.

  1. What a sweet story about two wonderfully sweet people! Proof that God is faithful and answers prayers in His time!
    Wishing Wally and Melissa a lifetime of happiness!

  2. Your story is amazing! I am so fortunate to have met both of you and to see Christ in you this past summer. You two are an amazing couple, whom God is delighted in working through. As you begin the wonderful adventure called Parenthood, I trust you will seek Him even deeper!! God bless both ( and pretty soon, 3) of you!

  3. Such a cute story! I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Melissa yet, but Wally your a great guy who deserved nothing short of amazing and Melissa seems to be just that! Many many years of happiness and health to you both and that lucky little boy! God bless!

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