As a camper and staff member, Jon Henry has always been known as kind of a character. From his time as a camper when he made a name for himself with his duct tape concoctions to his more recent time as a volunteer staff member playing characters in night games and chapel programs, Jon Henry has left his creative mark on the camp.

So it would only make sense that he would like to write characters, particularly ones in a theatrical comedy.

This weekend, he’ll bring that creativity to the stage with the debut of Monsters, a comedy in one act, which will be playing at the Darress Theatre in Boonton, N.J. June 1-3.

Monsters follows Samantha’s journey to self-awareness and enlightenment in a world where the lines between reality and the imaginary are blurred, crossed, and all around confounded. The original play is the debut for Secret Notebook Productions and is being produced by Emily Schepker and directed by Amanda Castro-Conroy.

We’re certainly proud of Jon, but definitely not surprised.

Here’s but one example of the genius Jon has displayed while at camp.

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