How do Delanco campers have fun at night when it rains? Indoor night games! The teens played Human Musical Chairs, where the boys were the chairs and the girls were prepared to fight for their right to sit on them. The campers enjoyed themselves and nobody was hurt—well, except for some tiny bruises here and there that blended in with the other little bruises from slipping around on a wet, soapy tarp playing Duck Duck Wham.

During today’s lunchtime, Steve Tucker set the girls against the guys in a pizza eating contest—the guys beat the girls by seven slices. Planned recreation was Four Corner Soccer. The object was to score as many points against the other three teams while keeping the balls out of your own net. Jon Falcone, activities director, organized a volleyball tournament. All the campers split up into teams to play against each other. They showed tons of team spirit!

Many of the campers are very musically talented; one particular group of guys sat in the breeze providing background guitar music at the volleyball court this afternoon. That breeze was greatly appreciated. It was a little cloudy today, but the weather was otherwise fairly decent.

I can’t believe tomorrow is the last full day of teen camp! The deans, staff and campers have made Teen II so much fun that it feels like the week just started.

See more photos at the Teen 2 Picasa page.

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