Today, it rained. A lot. In fact, we had a flash flood warning from about 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM. Fortunately for us, it was an intermittent rain and didn’t dampen our plans enough to cause us to change them. Actually, it made things a little more interesting and fun.

First off, who doesn’t enjoy a good run through the rain? I know I do. I love it. So, running from the motel, to the dining hall, to morning chapel, etc… was a blast. But, the best part of the day had to be Ultimate Frisbee in the rain. For the first thirty minutes of the game, it drenched the normally hot soccer field and made it bearable for the players who chose to not wear shoes. It also made it harder to see the Frisbee so there were a lot of dropped passes, so it was a relatively low scoring game between ‘This Team’, because everyone on that team was asking “Are you on this team?” and “The team that randomly chants lines from Remember the Titans and The Mighty Ducks” as they randomly chanted lines from the two aforementioned movies.

After the rain stopped, the floodgates opened on the scoreboard. And This Team’s MVP, Brad, made a bunch of incredible one handed grabs because he hurt his wrist prior to coming to Camp. Due to the rain, he had to play with a trash bag on his wrist which made his catches all the more impressive because he really couldn’t use his hand for much.

To add to the other achievements of Brad, he shut down the other team’s best player, who is also his sister, Casey. So, we nicknamed Brad “Nemo” because of his “Lucky Fin”. With a final score of 14-10, “This Team” won the game. I’m grateful for this so I don’t have to type out that other team’s name…

Ricky, during his sermon, gave us pizza!!!!! But, it wasn’t just a nice gesture. He used the pizza, from Domino’s, to illustrate how people have changed. He compared Nicodemus to Domino’s. Now, if you haven’t heard, Domino’s recent advertising campaign (To the Domino’s CEO, you can pay me for this free advertising later.) has been that they’re changing their recipe that has been a staple in the franchise for years.

Ya see, Nicodemus, who was a Pharisee, was about middle-aged, so he has been around the barn a few times and was pretty set in his ways. But, after a private meeting with Jesus, he changed his ways. Just like Domino’s did. See where Ricky was going with this? Jesus only used the phrase ‘born again’ once in the Bible and he said it to Nicademus. Asking us, ‘what if we need to rebuild everything, to start from scratch?’ Just like Domino’s did.


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  1. I find it ironic that the ad is about Papa John's and that we're talking about Domino's in the blog post…I claim conspiracy!

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