At this moment, five people were playing TetherBall at the same time. Yes, it's as bad as it sounds.

Sorry about the late post. Last night, we played Capture the Pin Wheel for our night game. We split the Camp into two teams: girls vs guys. So, if you’ve caught wind at all about the girl to guy ratio, it was about 25 to 10 (3 guy campers, 7 male staff). The game ended in a draw but, based on those numbers, I’d say the guys should definitely get the win for this one and here are my reasons: 1) the ratio. That speaks for itself. 2) The girls were guarding the bigger half of the Camp so they had more spaces to hide the pin wheel than the guys did and more people to guard it. Not that I’m bitter or anything. 🙂 Eventually, we guys used our brains and figured out how to break their defenses and used our speed to spread the girls out but, it took us awhile, as most things do. 🙂

The night before that (Sunday night), our game was Sardines. Our counselor, Nick Bliss, was instructed to hide somewhere on the camp’s grounds and once he was found by the players, they had to hide with him. Nick’s hiding spot was a relatively new addition to the grounds. He hid in the roof of the patio, built by the Lord of Lords Church, of the Craft Shop (Ed. note: Our friends at Hope UMC built the base of the structure). It was only built about a week and a half ago. I’d like to say that it is structurally sound as it held Nick up there for a good 45 minutes before everyone playing the game found him. Good work, Lord of Lords, good work. (In my head, I shortened it to ‘LOL’ and then I LOL-ed.)

Yesterday (Monday), for lunch, we had chicken patties, a classic lunch for the camp and a favorite of many and all here on the grounds. After lunch, we took our pictures and the crazy pictures are pretty intense. You’ll see them when you pick your kids up but, that’s six days away and we don’t want to dampen our spirits yet. We’re trying to think happy thoughts though because the fun’s only just beginning

In his sermon last night (Monday), Ricky Court began with some old pranks “that would get your kids sent home if they did them,” his quote not mine, but probably true. Then he relived some memories from Permanent Staff, including carrying around the snake, (the flexible big metal rod used to clean out the septic systems, not the animal) which is the same snake I used when I served on Perm. Staff and the same snake we’re using today. It’s relatively gross when you think about it.

His real message was about relationships. Not the mushy, gushy ones but the ones that last for eternity. He talked about how he met Christ. He was 16 years old, sitting on the left side of the Tabernacle, when Christ encountered him with one little moment. He talked about the little moments, with Christ and dear friends that you look back on in life and remember forever. In the book of John, he pointed out that none of the people that encountered Christ had a big eye-popping revelation but often were small, little moments that changed their lives forever. And those are the moments that we should treasure forever.

We weren’t able to record the sermon due to the some more issues with our wireless mic. We’ll figure this out soon. I promise. 🙂


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