This is a gnome on the soccer field. I forgot to charge the camera last night and this marks one of the few pictures I took.

Earlier today, we determined that we were going to call this week ‘Ultimate Week’ because everything we did was taken to the extreme. Just so you know.

Last night our night game was “Go out in the woods and find a glowstick.” The kids loved this game, as every time I saw someone, they were running into the Dining Hall, out of breath, carrying about 50 glowsticks. So, it was a pretty high scoring game. The most entertaining part (at least for me) had to have been when Chris, our game guy and the guy who I hit in the head with my knee, asked me to go re-hide the glow sticks. I ran from the Dining Hall, in front of the Motel, to the beach, to the volleyball court, to the Tabernacle, to the Boys Dorm, and back to the Dining Hall throwing glow sticks randomly the whole way. It was funny because one or two groups followed me the whole way and picked up the glow sticks that I was throwing. So, it was a short-lived re-hiding.

Today, we played Ultimate Frisbee again for planned recreation, unfortunately without the rain this time so the sand pit/soccer field was burning hot. Jon was our MVP of the game as he caught five touchdown passes for “My Team.” Alas, “The Other Team” furiously came back from three down to tie the score and eventually win the game on a game winning catch by Katie Miller.

Ricky referenced John 5, using the blind man story. Jesus asked the blind man if he wanted to be healed. He didn’t force healing upon it but, it was offered to him, giving the blind man the option to be healed and accept Christ, over Christ just snapping his fingers and healing us. Ricky gave us a description of what an altar is meant to be used for, then he asked us, who in this room had a special encounter at this altar which a fair number of the people raised their hand. Then an altar call took place.

Then began the second part of the message. He talked about how the blind man didn’t have anyone to help him into the pool to be healed. Ricky mentioned that he couldn’t live life without some of his friends and this man had no one but himself. Ricky, before he closed, asked everyone to break off into groups, if campers were here with some of their youth group, they were made into a group. If not, the remaining campers banded together to form groups. They were asked to think about some people they knew that didn’t have anyone. They prayed for those people and we were dismissed.


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